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We highly recommend these similar games!

If you love WORLD of TANKS, you’ll be sure to love these other highly-rated games:

Ghost Recon Tom Clancy’s hugely-popular military tactical shooter style video game.  

5 Stars.

MechWarrior Online

Free-to-Play vehicular combat game.

3.5 Stars.

World of Warplanes

Free-to-Play dogfight simulator from the World of Tanks’ crew.  3 Stars.

War Thunder

Free-to-Play dogfight & tank simulator.

3 Stars.

DC Universe Online Free-to-Play MMORPG of DC’s comic book characters.  4 Stars.

WarGame 1942

Free-to-Play WWII strategy game. Use your army to fight against thousands of different players or use your diplomatic skills to influence the world politics and write yourself into the history books.  3 Stars.

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And, of course, if you haven’t played WORLD of TANKS yet, just click ‘Play Now’ at the very top of this page and try out some of the tanks you’ve learned so much about here!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out our recommended video games!  All are popular and have large followings.  All are fun.  And, better yet, almost all are free-to-play - so you don’t have to spend a penny unless you want to!’s WORLD of TANKS at - the only place to go for World of Tanks news, reviews, specs, map & tank strategy, weak spots, wiki, links, and much, much more!…